4 Gaming Categories & How To Profit From Accessories

Video game consoles, accessories and software have seen huge growth this year. According to the retail tracker NPD group, June alone totaled $735 million in sales, which is up 24% over 2013.

Gamers range from the occasional player to the everyday enthusiast and their device of choice is just as varied. Understanding the needs of these device categories is necessary to meet the demands of your customer’s component needs and compete in the gaming accessory arena.

Console Gaming

Gaming consoles are the most traditional and by far the most popular form of video gaming. One of the greatest advantages of consoles is their ability to be played by multiple players simultaneously, and many of the most popular games are published for console play. The PS4 and Xbox One are the latest generation of consoles. Released late last year the sales of these new consoles have proven that consumers were ready for upgrades. The reported growth by the NPD group mentioned above was just the tip of the iceberg considering the CEA Market Research Report The Future of Gaming predicts the total revenue for consoles will reach 52 billion in 2014, which amounts for an increase of 85% over last year. That, combined with the much-anticipated AAA game titles expected to launch this fall, mean console gamers are ready to accessorize.

Gaming controllers have to stay charged no matter how often the console is played, and the Dreamgear Xbox One Dual Charging Dock offers that solution. It charges two controllers simultaneously and features 2 USB ports for charging other devices. Great for racing games is the Thrustmaster Official Licensed PlayStation T80 Racing Wheel that features adjustable wheel sensitivity, brake and gas pedal and more. A headset, like the Turtle Beach Ear Force P12, can help add superior sound to any digital game and includes full-range 50mm speakers and Bass Boost, plus they offer some quieter gaming for other housemates. For the fitness video game player, the CTA Wii Fit 6-in-1 Kit has everything your customers need to start their Health and Fitness Video Gaming.

PC Gaming

Though more expensive than game consoles, gaming PC’s still make up a large percent of the market. One of the reasons PC gamers prefer them over consoles is their superior performance, like the better graphics and the ability to upgrade components. Another advantage that is unique to PCs, and also beneficial to your business, is their use of a keyboard and mouse as game controllers. Gaming keyboards are more durable than standard models and have gaming-specific features. The Madcatz V7, has programmable macro keys, metal-plated keycaps and an adjustable wrist-wrest. A gaming mouse needs to be fast and comfortable to ensure a victory. The Madcatz R.A.T 7 Optical Mouse features 18 commands, a 6400dpi laser sensor, precision aim and more. Comfort is key, especially for those marathon gamers, this mouse has a custom weight system, thumb width adjustments and interchangeable pinkie grips and palm rests. Finally, adding a monitor that reduces motion blur, provides a flicker-free image and top-of-the-line refresh rate will also help your customers win their PC games. Show your PC gaming customers the BenQ XL2420Z. BenQ sponsors pro-gaming competitions and their monitors are trusted by many professional gamers.

Portable or Handheld Gaming

Though more of a niche market, devices like the Nintendo 3DSi and Playstation Vita are still a significant part of the gaming picture. The CEA Future of Gaming report predicts wholesale revenue of 506 million in 2014 for portable handheld games. They are convenient for on-the-go use and extremely popular among children. For the Nintendo 3DS, a Silicone Controller Grip from CTA provides a familiar feel of the console controller and SD™ Card storage. Accessory bundle packs are a great solution for first time portable gamers, like the Nintendo DSi bundle from dreamGEAR or the 25-in-1 Luxury Kit from CTA, which include everything from a carrying case to headphones and car charger. Just as with other mobile devices, screen protection is also a consideration for handheld games. The VIT-SPK Kit from CTA offers an easy to apply solution for the Vita.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming refers to people who use their smartphone and/or tablet to play games. One in ten of the gamers polled in the CEA report said their smartphone or tablet is their primary gaming device. The CEA article also pointed out that mobile gamers play different genres of games than their console and PC gaming counterparts. Free-to-play, puzzle, trivia, card and arcade games are popular with mobile gamers, while action, shooter, adventure and sports titles dominate the console and PC markets.

Perfect for arcade style games is the CTA iPhone 5 Mobile Gaming Grip that adds a comfortable controller-style gaming grip while securely holding an iPhone 5. Remind your customers that more time spent in their hands means more potential for a drop, bump or scratch, with a wireless case they can protect it and ensure future gaming fun. Also coming to Petra soon is a micro-console that lets your customers take their favorite Android games from their device to their HDTV. Look for the M.O.J.O from Madcatz this fall.

Gaming and gaming accessories are a big market and a big opportunity. Gamers are found in all ages, incomes, and genders and though many prefer a particular device, many also play on multiple platforms. Carrying accessories to cover all four categories of gaming devices will help you win over the devotees and profit from all game players. Check out the gaming accessories on this page and speak with your Petra sales rep to see how you can win with gaming accessories.