Calpe, the coast of dreams

How many miracles can nature give to two square kilometers of land? One, two, several? And if there are many other beauties in the vicinity of these wonders that stir the imagination? That’s how it is with Calpe – it’s worth it to be on the shore of a dream, it’s breathtaking to be impressed, and a lot of questions arise by themselves. Let’s try to answer them and understand what those who dared to be here should be prepared for. It happens that when people come here to rest, they leave their hearts here forever, and there is no other choice but to move to Calpe. This city is fascinating and fascinating at first sight, it is worth to be on the picturesque coast and see all that nature has given to this wonderful place with its own eyes.

The wonders of Calpe

On the Ifach rock and at its foot there is a nature reserve with hiking trails of varying difficulty for exploring its amazing nature. The most sporty visitors can climb to the top of the cliff and enjoy the bewildering panorama of the town and its surroundings. The reserve is home to rare species of fauna and over 300 plant species. But this is not the only treasure of the city. Not far from Ifach, near the historic centre of Calpe, is the salt lake of Las Salinas del Calpe, where you can see amazing creatures – pink flamingos. Are there many such places in the world where history, the power of nature and its most delicate tenderness lie next to each other? Salt has been extracted on this lake for more than two thousand years, having stopped mining only in the XX century, and today it is a natural attraction, which is visited by all guests of the city.

The historic centre of Calpe is the charm of Valencia. Narrow cobbled streets, small light stone houses, many benches and family restaurants, where you can make a real gastronomic dive into the local culinary culture. The old town has preserved fragments of an ancient medieval fortress. The Carthaginians, Arabs, Romans and Phoenicians lived here and this rich historical heritage has left its mark on the architecture of the city. The only Moorish Gothic church in Valencia, the Royal Roman Baths and more have been preserved here. You can learn more about the history of Calpe and the antiquities found during the excavations in one of the local museums. If you add to all of these masterpieces of modern architecture that can be seen in the city, just walking through its romantic streets, sculpture in the open air, many exhibitions and galleries – it is obvious that here you will not be missed.

Beach holiday – until November

Blue flag beaches, secluded rocky coves, white sand, azure water, diving, yacht clubs, underwater fishing and many other activities are available throughout the resort season, which lasts in Calpe from May to November. The climate on the northern Costa Blanca, where the sun shines more than 300 days a year, is as impressive as the local wonders. In winter it doesn’t happen here colder than +5 °С, and in the height of summer – real heat to +40 °С. However most of the time in summer the air gets warm to +27-30 °С. Water is approximately the same temperature, about +27 °С. A long bathing season is another advantage of this place. They bathe here till November.

Property in Spain

Thanks to its advantages, Calpe attracts many investors from all corners of the world. The local market abounds in offers at different levels – every wealthy person can buy property in Calpe with the confidence that it is a great investment. Another popular place to buy property in Spain is Mallorca. To learn more about this option, please visit