Custom Engagement Ring vs Store-Bought

When you are choosing an engagement ring, you should first decide whether to buy a pre-made product or order a custom piece. In this article, Luxury Diamonds experts will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of each choice.

Store-Bought benefits

  • Relatively quick. You will need the same amount of time to search as you would when choosing a custom ring, but you won’t have to wait for your order. You can buy it even the day before the wedding. 
  • You understand what you will get. A purchased item can be inspected before you buy it. There is always a fear in a custom piece that it will not be what you want. 
  • There are large production models in the stores. They can be conditionally cheaper, due to the optimization of the production of a large batch. 

Store-Bought deficiencies

  • There will be no exclusivity. All the most interesting, expensive or rare – only among the custom rings. Even the major brands do not benefit from producing engagement rings studded with diamonds in full size. 
  • Often there will be not only no exclusivity, but even no personality – the rings are not made personally for you, but just for those who will buy them. Just for some random people. The size may also not be perfect. 
  • Again, the rings on sale are products of big factories – thousands of people are already wearing them. If it’s important to you. 

Bottom line – it’ s easier to buy the simplest engagement rings. Quick to find, cheap to buy, and no worries. Although if saving money on your purchase is important to you, you may also want to consider easy financing for engagement rings with bad credit. Now many specialized stores are ready to offer convenient terms, so it will be easy enough for you to find a custom ring at a bargain price.

Custom Engagement Ring Benefits

  • Individuality and often exclusivity. You have an opportunity to personalize your future rings. A great variety of models. 
  • Custom is usually a small circulation, since it is engaged mostly in small businesses. Respectively you will have quite original things, and in some cases exclusive. If you decide to buy the best rose gold engagement rings, then you should look only for custom options.
  • The exact size. Specialized companies fit the size with precision. Plus, there are three options for fitting rings – flat, comfort and semi-comfort. They benefit from making you the ring fit you feel comfortable in. In a store with pre-made rings, there is a good chance that the seller will say that, for example, the comfort profile is the best available, even though it categorically does not fit straight fingers. He needs to sell the finished ring. And you will lose that ring in the sea or the pool because it easily flies off your finger, and is only suitable for hands with enlarged joints. Below, the experts at Luxury Diamonds will also tell you about the different profiles of engagement rings.

Custom Engagement Ring deficiencies

  • Lead time. It varies from company to company, from 2 to 5 weeks. Yes, you will have to wait – good things are not made quickly. But if you want to buy a unique real rose gold engagement rings, you should be prepared to wait for some time.

Profile of engagement rings

Smooth profile. Ideal for any engagement rings vancouver if the fingers are straight. A wide flat surface allows for maximum contact between your finger and the ring. If properly sized, it will fit perfectly without dropping even in the water. This profile is good for those who like the full feel of the ring.

Comfort, aka Comfort fit. First of all, this profile is for specific fingers with a wide knuckle. Those who have such hands will understand. A usual flat ring which hardly goes through the extended knuckle hangs out on a narrowed phalanx of the finger. And that is a problem. It is solved by the use of a comfort profile. It is easier to get the bone through the inside rounded profile and lets you make a ring smaller than the flat one, and it sits flatter because of the more accurate fit.

We also recommend this profile for a hand prone to swelling and frequent size changes – the loose contact with the inner surface negates the discomfort of swelling.

All other variations where the ring is given a comfort profile for beauty, thickness or fashion have nothing to do with comfortable ring wear. Moreover, wearing rings with comfort fit on a flat finger threatens to lose it – the contact area of such a ring with the finger skin is three times less than the same ring with a flat profile. In water or under the action of gravity such a ring will fly off and be lost. 

Semi-comfort. Profile with a slight rounding. Adjustable in a number of cases: when the ring is too wide, when the bone is slightly wider than the phalanx, or to soften the inner edge of the ring, which is in contact with the finger, when the hands are prone to swelling and constant size changes.