How to choose a business gift

The first thing to do is to refuse the idea of impressing by the value of the gift. Of course, the cheap stuff should not be given in any case, but the gift, directly screaming about its value is not good either. A competent business gift is a very high quality and not cheap, but in any case without unnecessary showing off. Next, make sure that you are not in the area of too weird or ambiguous gifts. Even if you are acquainted with the perpetrator of the corporate celebration and even more than once dropped in together in strip bars at his leisure, a gift with a hint, given in a formal setting, will look, at least, inappropriate.

Don’t think that all the above-mentioned restrictions will inevitably turn a business gift into something standard, impersonal, like a fountain pen or a diary. Not at all! You will be saved by the originality that can turn even the most ordinary gift into a bright and personal. If you are considering giving a gift card, there are many interesting options available at

How to choose a gift

Let’s take, for example, such trivial things as a notebook, business card or day planner. It would seem that here you can think of something original? It turns out you can. For example, if the birthday man works in the field of computers and electronics, he would be glad to get a business card or a notebook with a cover made of printed circuit boards. And if he, say, is fond of diving, you can find one of these accessories in a waterproof version. Of course, it is unlikely the happy owner of such a gift will climb into the waters of the Red Sea or the Maldives with a diary in the back pocket of a wetsuit, but it should not bother you. The originality and personality of your presentation will be appreciated, and this is the most important thing.

A pen, no less typical business gift, can also become a very original present – for this it is enough to strain your imagination a little and search for some time different solutions on the web. For example, for a businesswoman you can pick up a pen that exactly fits her style (of course, if you are not sure that you have carefully studied the fashion preferences of the recipient of the gift – it is better not to risk). And one hundred percent men’s pens, with a strict and even some places brutal design, can now be found in abundance. So there are options.

However, it is possible that you’ll want to find something more unusual. Great! Try to look for a suitable gift among the things that can be conditionally designated as useful things for the manager. For example, if the recipient is not a staunch teetotaller, then he can please him such a competent thing as a cooler-heater bottles. It looks very decent and certainly will not stand idle for a long time. Another device, a desk mini-shredder, can also be a nice business present that emphasizes the status of its owner: all serious businessmen need to destroy papers personally on a regular basis – to eliminate the chance of their fall into the clutches of the competition.

As you can see, there are many ways to choose a worthy and appropriate business gift. Finally, a few words about how to wrap the gift properly. No multicolored wrappers with flowers and ribbon bows. And especially not colored bags! The right choice: expensive wrapping paper, preferably one- or two-color and with texture. Tie the gift with a matching color ribbon or string (no glitter!), and slip a greeting card under the knot, the same stylish and concise. You can also find many great gift options at