Successful Kindle Kids Editions

Of course, not all bestsellers are great books. But it is also true that great books always become bestsellers. Amazon updates its lists of best-selling books every hour. Examining the different categories of children’s bestsellers, we discovered that the Amazon chart is a fantasy kingdom. The uncrowned kings of the first twenty become young magicians, gods and superheroes from the books of different authors.

Then the good old classics and some interesting children’s fiction novelties are connected to them

1. Harry Potter series. Everything has been said about Harry Potter and the influence of his story on whole generations of young people, even the fact that the children who read these books grow up more adapted to life. The Harry Potter books are featured in all possible lists of recommended teenage literature.

2. Wander. Bestseller of RJ Palacio talks about the boy Augusta with a rare genetic abnormality: all the features of his face are mixed. He underwent 27 surgeries and had never been to school by his 10 years. And now he has to go there. For the first time. To ordinary children. By the way, there is also an adaptation with Julia Roberts as the main character’s mother.

3. A Wrinkle in Time. Well, again, the strange guests in the night are to the sleeping children and carry them to the most dangerous and incredible adventure, which threatened not only their lives, but also the very existence of our Universe. After Peter Pan and the Big Friendly Giant, in our opinion, it’s time for parents to put bars on the windows of the nursery. Or is it too much?

4. Robloxia Kid. An unexpected discovery that is gradually gaining popularity among children. This book is based on a series of popular games Roblox. More information about it can be found at These books are now very popular among children.

5. Island of the Blue Dolphins. The author is the winner of the 1972 Andersen Prize. The heroine of the book is the Indian girl Karana, one of the whole tribe remained on a small island off the California coast. Karana managed to improve her life alone, to provide herself with food and a safe haven. The most important thing for Karana is relationships with animals. For her, “animals and birds are the same people, only with their own language and their manner of behavior. Without them, life in this world would be very dreary.”

6. Charlotte’s Web. Classic children’s book, which was first published in 1952. It tells about the friendship of a girl named Fern and the pig Wilbur, whom she saved from death. Wilbur gets to the Animal Farm, where it is not very well received, especially because, according to its inhabitants, the little pig is not long to live. But there is still a spider Charlotte, who knows how to weave a magical web of words that will persuade a farmer to save a pig life.

7. The Long Haul (Diary of a Wimpy Kid). Self-irony is perhaps the quality that can save a teenager from the effects of low self-esteem. That is exactly what high school student Greg Heffley is doing. At school, he is not popular, girls do not pay attention to him, at home – parents who do not understand him and his brother, who would not have been better at all. But Greg does not give up: he keeps a diary, in which he diligently and with humor writes down all his attempts to become “cool”: he experiments with weightlifting, creates his own haunted house, builds a huge snowman to get into the Book of Records.

8. The Hunger Games. The trilogy, which instantly became a world bestseller. For almost two years, the first two novels have been on the list of best-selling books in the United States. The action takes place in a brutal post-apocalyptic world, where the rulers oppress the poor, and they also arrange terrible games of survival.