What changes await online casinos after the introduction of artificial intelligence?

Experts believe that the development of artificial intelligence (AI) will serve as the basis for a new technical revolution. AI is massively introduced into all spheres of human activity, including online gambling. What awaits us in the near future? Right now you can play online at pin up casino to find some really nice games.

Where exactly is it possible to introduce artificial intelligence in online gambling?

Three key areas of AI use can be distinguished. 

  • The main one is related to customer interaction. Through the introduction of in-depth training, you can improve the quality of service, which increases the attractiveness of the casino and thereby contributes to increased profits. For example, you can offer players unique offers that will be tailored to their interests and psychological characteristics.
  • The second direction is related to toughening requirements by state bodies. Regulators want online gambling services to identify problem players who develop addiction and block their ability to play. To do this, it is necessary to teach artificial intelligence to determine the psychological portrait of a player according to the patterns of his game.
  • The third area is related to the honesty of the game process by the players themselves. It’s no secret that today a huge headache for many poker rooms is the use of unscrupulous customers by poker bots. One such bot can play simultaneously on a dozen tables and at the same time use ultra-efficient game strategies. Artificial intelligence allows you to analyze the “humanity” of the player’s actions, thereby simplifying the blocking of bots.

How to introduce artificial intelligence into the industry?

The most important task when introducing new technologies is to find a way to bring them to the market, that is, to choose a competent approach for using innovation. First of all, it is necessary to clearly formulate the task that the new technology will solve. For example, to increase the affection of customers, it is important to offer them the most interesting recommendations on the start page.

It should be borne in mind that the introduction of new innovations should not increase the complexity of working with the game service interface for customers. Therefore, artificial intelligence itself must find those offers that interest the user. Then the AI ​​will solve the problem and bring benefits, but will not appear just for show.

What difficulties arise when implementing AI?

The main difficulty is related to the need to interest the operator in introducing new technologies, for example, in-depth training. Typically, the owner of an online casino is preoccupied with much more mundane tasks, for which he devotes his resources. It is very important here that he makes sure that he does not have to invest a lot in introducing innovations. It is also necessary to demonstrate to him the transparency of the technology, there should be no “white spots” in it. Recently, artificial intelligence has become a trend, and therefore the owners of online casinos already understand the promise of this technology.

It is also difficult to collect all the necessary data. Some companies are ready to create an in-depth training model in less than two weeks, but for it to work correctly, information is needed that will take more than one month to collect. This time, in fact, is spent on training the created intellectual model.

AI training

Any artificial intelligence built on the basis of neural networks with deep learning requires training. In the case of bingo, it could be performed by a person who is a fan of the game. He would have to communicate with the created bot and evaluate the interest of the conversation. Over time, the bot will learn and improve its communication skills.