What increases and raises the potency

To improve potency, you need to find what caused it to deteriorate and eliminate this cause. Along the way it is desirable to “tighten” the state of all other parameters that may have an impact. You can also buy some special drugs here https://svensktapotek.net/kamagra-effervescent/. The first thing to do is to determine since when you started worrying about the problem. It’s one thing if your condition was normal or stable six months ago, and then suddenly worsened. Another thing is if you have never noted for yourself the desire for ardent and hot passions, and now finally decided to try to develop it.

Everyone has a set of basic characteristics – brunette or blond, tall or short, stocky or thin, and so on. This list could well be continued with the item “ardent or quiet lover. If the pattern of behavior has been cemented in you for years, then maybe you’re just comfortable in that role? To answer this question with academic accuracy, you need to know your trochanter index. Trochanter index is the ratio of the lengths of the upper and lower halves of the body. Because of the way your body develops, the index contains information about your hormonal balance. And we are talking about sex hormones, which are the ones we are most interested in.

First, you need to measure the length of your leg from the thigh bones to the floor. To find the right spot on your hips, stand up and put your palms at your sides. Lean to the left and right, you will clearly feel the right knuckle bones moving under your palms. You will also need to know your height; you can measure it against a doorjamb or wall. To find your index, use a calculator to divide your height by the length of your leg. Listen to yourself to determine – is a decreased libido the norm or an aberration? Anything you want to change, change it. Anything you want to leave alone, leave it alone. No one decides what’s best for you. Except yourself.

A common problem

Common cause – problems in the head – blocks, clamps, complexes. If you’ve already noticed the signs of disorders in yourself, this probably applies to you, too. Don’t try to deny it, be honest with yourself – no one is forcing you to confess in the square. Just think it through. Sexual problems are often associated with past negative experiences. And both in girls and men. That’s how we are built: enough one insulting failure or excesses – and you do not even want to try. Think about what could be the trigger of the block in your head: past relationships, conflicts, a bad date five years ago, an awkward situation or a public embarrassment.

Another important point is the moral, mental state at the moment. It sounds like the fiction of marketers looking for ways to sell the next sedative or stimulant. However, stress and fatigue do affect the state of the body inside and out. Think back to what a nervous tic is. Have you ever had one, even in its mildest form? If so, it’s a perfect example, proving the connection between mind and body. If you are looking for specialized medications for potency, you can buy them here https://svensktapotek.net/.